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Meet Your 2020-21




HI WOLFPACK! My name is Aida (pronounced like Eye-Duh hence my poster) and I’m running to be the Welcome Week Coordinator for 2021 school year! My 3 main goals for this year are the ABC’s as I like to put it: Adaptability, Bangin’ Events and Communication. I want to make sure our future Health Science students feel supported, accepted, and at ease emotionally and mentally whether the school year is online or in person. My main focus is to incorporate more collaborative events with smaller groups of people (around 4-5) so students get to know each other better! For more information, feel free check out my Instagram and FB pages @voteaida.wwc2021.




Hi BHSc! My name is Darren and I’m running to be this year’s Welcome Week Coordinator. Although we weren’t able to have our welcome week in person this year, we were still able to learn much about each other and about our program. As Welcome Week Coordinator, I aim to continue improving on this experience for the incoming first years. I believe that students’ welcome week experience should not only be informative and engaging, but also fun and entertaining. I will work to ensure that incoming students are well informed of what to expect from our program, are connected with upper years to seek advice from, and can feel comfortable around their peers. I have already begun thinking about potential activities for these students (such as water balloon fights!) and am eager to put my ideas into action. The only limit to a great experience for students is our imagination, well, that and the McMaster student code of conduct, but that’s a concern for later. I hope you’ll vote for me, so we can make these students’ experiences as fun, informative, and interesting as possible!


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HOMETOWN: Hamilton, Ontario

INTERESTS: Cooking, reading, and inquiring!

RUNNING FOR: Welcome Week Coordinator Candidate for the 2021-2022 school year!

SLOGAN: Get things into motion, vote for Tasnia Noshin!


As a first year, I can attest that starting university in the middle of a global pandemic is a nerve wracking experience. Coming into the most “competitive” program in North America, I didn’t know what to expect and I was very, very scared. Just from connecting with my peers on social media, I already started to get a case of “Imposter Syndrome” and this didn’t go away until I got to know the program better during Welcome Week and even into classes. I want to help incoming first year students battle the conflicting emotions with (possibly!) starting university remotely and ensure that they not only survive, but THRIVE in the fast-paced university environment by organizing frequent check-ups between heartbeat reps and students throughout the year.


Platform also includes:

  • More CROSS-FACULTY Events

  • Welcome week WEBSITE AND APP

  • VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS of major events


    • Non-perishable snacks, coupons, stickers, school supplies, Merch

  • Handing out BAGS-O-SWAG


  • Virtual campus tour

  • Social media challenges

  • And more!


For more information and any questions, feel free to contact me!

Facebook Page:





Hello friends!! My name is Anjelica and I’m thrilled to be one of your candidate for Welcome Week Coordinators! Here are the three C’s that I would implement if elected as Welcome Week Coordinator!

💛 Character: Heartbeats Selection Process

  • Transparency: Provide guidelines for expectations and clear decision-making process.

  • Representation: Select a team that reflects the values and character of the BHSc community.

  • Feedback: Listen to and incorporate YOUR opinions regarding WW to make 2021 the best one yet!

💛 Cohesivity: You, Me, and BHSc :)

  • One-to-one: Create a virtual and in-person friendly “BHSc Friends” to pair incoming BHSc with another to ease their transition into university together.

  • BHSc Community: Promote an inclusive environment through fun team-building activities such as “Secret Recipes” with the collaboration of the BHSS Internal Committee’s BHSc Cookbook!

  • McMaster Community: Further encourage inter-faculty interactions to integrate first-years into the larger McMaster community!

💛 Connectivity: After Welcome Week

  • Academic and Wellness Support: Continue Hearbeat presence during NOCATs and OCATs to support first-years while emphasizing the importance of self-care and support provided by McMaster’s Wellness Center

  • Interfaculty Events: Continue hosting events where first-years can build long-lasting friendships within the whole McMaster community

This year has been tough, however, the support of our Heartbeats have been beyond-exceptional. This sense of community is vital and I want to continue this for first years and second-year transfers - to let them know that us wolfpack have got their back! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions/ concerns/ suggestions!




Hey friends, my name is Josephine Ding (she/her), and I am so excited to be running as one of YOUR Welcome Week Coordinator nominees! For a comprehensive breakdown of my platform points, please visit or check out my Facebook/Instagram.

One central theme of my platform is my slogan: first year’s first. To me, welcome week is all about prioritizing the experiences of first years and supporting them as they embark on this new chapter in their lives. Needless to say, it’s just as important to me that the Heartbeats feel well-equipped in their role to do so! I plan to achieve this through my four campaign pillars:

1. Fostering community

  • Continued support beyond WW; hosting at least 1 event per semester to reconnect

  • Implementing a drop-in social space during WW for first years

  • Introducing monthly check-ins throughout the year

  • Sharing both highlights & challenges in first year

2. Heartbeats

  • Facilitate a transparent and fair Heartbeat selection process, creating a team that reflects a diverse range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences

  • Bi-monthly team bonding

  • Introduce accessibility and peer support training with the help of various MSU services

3. Prioritizing wellbeing and inclusivity

  • Collecting first year’s preferred contact method, dietary needs, and other accommodations well in advance to minimize barriers to event participation

  • Increased focus on commuter and second-year transfer student’s transition

4. Implementing feedback from first years, second year transfers, previous WWC’s and Heartbeats

Thanks for reading! 💙
- Josephine Ding

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