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Ancient Society of Greece and Rome

Thu Sep 20 2018 16:28:42 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Dr. Barbara Scarfo
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Course Outline


If you are interested in the social history of antiquity then you will be pleased with this course. It was a small class and the prof was lovely and easy to talk to. Each class was based on a different topic (ex. Roman Dining culture, Roman Baths and Leisure, Death and Dying in Greece, Funerary Commemoration for the War Dead) and the exam and tests were based on class content-- however the additional readings will definitely help you understand better and do better on the tests. We had 2 tests and an exam, no tutorial. The tests were done in 50 minutes and were 3 parts: M/C/Short answer/fill in the blank, object identification (from a photo in the powerpoint slides) and text identification (from a passage in the slides and readings). For parts 2 and 3 you must identify the author/artist/location it was found, and the relevance of it to greek or roman society while answering guiding questions. Exam was the same format, just longer.

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