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Ancient Roots of Medical Terminology

Tue May 29 2018 12:39:40 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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After Anatomy
Stephen Russell
No Course Outline Available


NOT a bird course. Hated it. If you don't like languages don't take it. The prof was exceptionally rude about people who didn't attend class. It is a night class so if you don't like those it's not worth it. It isn't a lot of commitment thought and undoubtedly helped with knowing terms in anatomy. I recommend keeping up with moodle (online questions site), going to class and staying on top of the course. There's no such thing as a bird course, the courses you find easiest are the ones you actually put effort into.

I absolutely hated this course! Personally, I did not feel as though this course taught me anything relevant or important, or that it challenged me in any meaningful way. It was quite easy to do well in this course, but I had taken Latin as a language in first semester which really helped me understand and do well in the latin components of this course. I did not attend very many lectures because they were 3 hours long from 7-10pm (only time slot offered in second semester), and honestly it is quite easy to put in the effort and study the material on your own in half of the time. The online Moodle for this course is so annoying, however it does help you learn the content. Additionally, there are two midterms for this course (both of which I did not do very well in as they are written), and the final (which was multiple choice and open book!!). Because of the final, I did well in this course but it is by no means a bird course and if I am brutally honest, I found it quite useless. As a whole, I do not recommend taking this course as it is not worth your time!

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