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Shorter Genres

Tue May 29 2018 13:34:23 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Jeffery Donaldson
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I really enjoyed the poems and stories, as well as Dr. Donaldson's lectures. The course was not very heavy in terms of readings, but there are two essays which require a good amount of work. Tutorials have participation marks, which are helpful and easy to earn. There were some quizzes for the short story section (worth 1% each) and an MLA quiz. This course has 2 textbooks (one of which I did not buy-- its not really necessary as most short stories you can find online. The poetry book will be necessary because they are all from one poet who doesn't publish his work online). The marking for this course is brutal, so don't expect an easy 12. Make sure to work hard at the essays and be prepared for the exam (most of which is based on discussions in-class and tutorial so take notes

I really enjoyed the content of this class (poems and short stories), but I didn't find the classes to be particularly helpful for either the midterm or final assessments. The overall workload was light except for the two midterm essays. The essays were reasonably marked, but there was a lot of variety in marking between different TA's. Attending tutorials is definitely more important than attending the actual lectures because you are marked for attendance and the TA's try to help you prepare for the two essays as much as they can. I would recommend this class to people who enjoy writing essays and analyzing poems.

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