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Beginnner's Intensive Latin

Sat May 26 2018 22:45:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Not Podcasted
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This course is only offered first semester as Beginner's Intensive Latin II (Latin 1ZZ3) is the following second semester course.
Patricia White
No Course Outline Available
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Latin was a challenging but very rewarding course. I have never taken a language before as it was never mandatory throughout my earlier education, which made attempting to learn Latin quite difficult. However, Dr. White is an excellent professor and Latin tutorials and online Moodle really helped to solidify what you learned throughout the week. I would really recommend this course if you are interested in learning how languages are connected as Latin is the root language for many modern languages spoken today! The course has daily clickers to ensure you attend lectures (which is super important as the pace for this class moves relatively quickly), and the quizzes and midterms really are a learning experience. The final exam (written) for this course is very fair and quite fun as you can finally put what you have learned into practice!

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