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Calculus for Life Sciences

Tue May 29 2018 13:36:10 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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The course was not as bird as all the upper years made it out to be. It definitely requires more time and work than you'd first expect from the reviews. His assignments aren't hard, but there are a lot of them so I suggest being on top it every week. It's mentally taxing to try to do them all a few days before the tests, although not impossible. The assessments were fair and sometimes questions came directly from the assignments. When I took the course there were 4 tests, but they've since scaled it back in the winter semester to just 3 tests. Lovric was a great prof and I suggest going to the lectures. He explains the concepts clearly and goes over how best to approach a variety of questions. He's pretty funny, so that's a bonus. The tutorials solved questions from the assignments that students emailed Lovric about, but I never went because I didn't keep up with the assignments to begin with. Top tip: DO NOT PROCRASTINATE & MANAGE YOUR TIME EFFICIENTLY. I made the course necessarily stressful for myself because I was always behind. It's definitely 12-able so long as you don't think of it as a bird course.

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