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Popular Music in North America and the United Kingdom: Post-World War II

Thu May 24 2018 19:44:45 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Simon Wood
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I took this course in Fall of 2017, and overall it has been one of the best I’ve taken at Mac thus-far. I found the content itself very interesting – you learn all about the history and origin of pop music, as well as the historical events that influenced pop culture and pop music. The professor, Simon Wood, is very engaging and one of my favourites. You have to attend class and take notes as he posts no material online, but Wood is a great speaker and he keeps his lectures fun (and pretty easy to pay attention to). Oftentimes it feels as though he is telling you a story rather than simply reading lecture content off of a slide. There are two midterms and a final exam (all MCQ). While some questions can be tricky and detail oriented, if you take good notes and go to class you should be fine. Overall, this class is fairly light in terms of work load. Tips for success: knowing the chronology of key events was particularly useful when answering test questions as this can help you eliminate incorrect options even if you cannot entirely remember the exact details of what is being tested.

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