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Thu May 24 2018 04:10:32 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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James Sikkema
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This is honestly a really amazing course. I can honestly say that it changed the way that I think and really opened my eyes to a variety of ethical dilemmas in human life. Jame Sikkema is an AMAZING prof, literally the best man ever. He is super chill with extensions on papers (you literally just have to ask and he says yes, but please don't abuse his niceness) and he is a phenomenal lecturer (I never fell asleep in his class and it was at 8:30am, which, trust, is an accomplishment for me). As for course structure you are evaluated based on one midterm, two essays, and a final exam, as well as tutorial participation. Both the midterm and exam were short answer BUT when I took the course he literally gave us a sheet with all of the information that was going to be on the the evaluation (literally a bulleted list of all the important stuff you needed to know), and if you memorized the sheet then you could easily get close to perfect on the evaluations (as long as you are half decent at writing). The essays weren't that long (I think like at most 1500 words) but they are marked by your TA so just pay attention to what they want and ask them lots of questions. There were also weekly readings for the class that were pretty long but tbh you didn't really have to do them because the lectures were basically just summarizing the readings, with other fun anecdotal stuff thrown in. However, if you do the readings it definitely helps with your understanding of the content. The only really "negative" thing I have to say about the course is that sometimes we discussed some controversial topics (e.g. euthanasia and abortion) so if you are uncomfortable discussing that then 10/10 would not recommend. Overall, amazing course, super interesting, and awesome prof!

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