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Introductory Physics I

Sun Jun 03 2018 15:45:58 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Dr. An-Chang Shi
No Course Outline Available


I personally found this to be a fair course, meaning that if you put the work in and keep up with the modules, you should get the grade that you want. I never took grade 12 physics so I definitely had to put in more work, but people who did take physics in high school found that the course was basically a recap of grade 12 physics with some extra material near the end. There were two midterms worth 20% each and a final exam which was worth 30%. I found that there were no surprise questions, however, several people did find the final exam trickier than the two midterms. There are also in-class quizzes that are taken directly from online homework, as well as i-clicker questions that are graded based on participation, not accuracy (a really helpful and easy way to get free marks!). Finally, the first 4 labs are graded based on participation and the final lab is a group take-home project (as long as you follow the marking scheme they provide, you should be fine). All in all, take this course if you’re truly interested in learning physics.

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