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Introductory Physics II

Sun Jun 03 2018 15:47:04 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Offered Semesters:
When to take it:
During a lighter semester, after 1A03
Dr. Reza Nejat
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Course Outline


This course is the follow up of PHYSICS 1A03. In summary it was a an interesting course; but the workload is quite high. In a scale of 1-10 if PHYSICS 1A03 was a 2 in terms workload, 1AA3 would be at about a 7-8. A lot of practice at the same time a lot of understanding is required to be successful in this course. In terms of practice, the loncapa is actually a great resource to gain a good understanding of the test questions. Make sure that you just don't crunch numbers but also understand why you're doing a specific step! As for understanding, usually complications arise in the last unit which discusses about quantum, as well as the section of moment of inertia. YouTube is great resource for this. Test: Tests were mostly based on loncapa questions. If you get them down okay, you're sure to get above 75% for the tests. The remaining 25% depends on your understanding of the concepts. ONLY ONE MIDTERM FOR THE COURSE Exam: Depending the tests, the exam might be harder/ easier( that's literally what the prof said). But generally tends to be much easier ;). Loncapa practice was quite helpful for the final exam. Labs: Labs count for you marks, and you need to put work into it! As long as you cover the criteria you are good for an above 90%.

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