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Politics and Power in a Globalizing World

Sat May 26 2018 22:45:35 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Dr. Alway
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This course focuses on global politics and international relations. It is a political science course, focusing greatly on the use of empirical evidence and social scientific reasoning to investigate a variety of pressing issues (such as nuclear proliferation, responses to humanitarian crises, democracy, etc.) and why the international system works the way it does. It is a well-structured course, consisting of weekly lectures on different topics. The professor is very well-spoken and attentive to students, and presents information in a fair and interesting way. There is an assigned textbook (available for free as an ebook), although it isn't referenced a lot: it is mainly for personal interest and further reading. Select readings are also provided, which form the basis of in-class discussions (these are important for the final exam). Marks come from a final exam (in the form of three essays which relates directly to the lectures) and a written essay. Various parts of the essay-writing process are marked (paper proposal, annotated bibliography, in-tutorial presentation, final essay, tutorial participation, etc.) Tutorials are well-structured for beginners, leading students through important parts of the essay-writing process, and include a 5-minute final essay presentation and feedback-based participation component.

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