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The Bachelor of Health Sciences Society, or BHSS, is an organization representing the students of the (Honours) Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. We promote unity, collaboration, and participation within the BHSc Program, enhancing the university experience by offering educational and extracurricular opportunities to students.


Duaa Yahya

Level IV

Communications Coordinator

Ninglu Weng

Level III

External Coordinator

Liam Sanvido

Level III

Social Coordinators

Kat Sliwowicz and Arani Kulamurugan

Level IV and Level III

First Year Representative

Grace Xiong

Level I

Third Year Representative

Shangari Vijenthira

Level III

Financial Coordinator

Nicholas Hua

Level III

Internal Coordinator

Praveen Sritharan

Level III

Academic Coordinator

Angad Singh

Level IV

Welcome Week Coordinators

Shubhreet Johal and Ben Larocque

Level III and Level III

Second Year Representative

Will Pereira

Level II

Fourth Year Representative

Zahra Abdallah

Level IV

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