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My name is Akash Uddandam and I am running for first year representative. Personally, I love playing soccer and going on hikes so if this is you, then definitely hit me up.


That’s probably the question you are asking yourself when voting. At least I hope it is. You should know how the changes ahead will benefit you. But first, CONGRATULATIONS on making it to BHSc, I understand that to most of us, it’s all we’ve wanted for the longest time. But the journey ahead is far from over. We are trying to desperately get involved, shadow health-professionals, and gain research-experience. But it is too competitive and we are too stressed about these NOCATS.

I hope to alleviate stress and get rid of imposter syndrome in the follow ways:

  1. Bringing upper-year BHSc-students to speak about different NOCATS and other subjects, how to study for exams, and how to build a circle - it is not talk about as often as it should be

  2. Speak to professors about openings in research-positions and make them available ASAP so you can get access to them first

  3. Bring in med-school students to speak about differentiation in the medical-school process. Yes, we are only in first year but the truth is, we need to start early. I aim to answer the question “how can I get in?” - Hear the answer from individuals in the medical field themselves

The above may sound ambitious to most, but for the class of 25,’ ambitious is an understatement and we need someone to represent just that.



Hello hello, lovely members of the Wolfpack! My name is Anika (she/her) and I’m thrilled to share that I’m running for the first year BHSS representative! A few things about me: I’m a highly sensitive artist at heart and see the world around me in great depths, the layers of which I relay through my creative writing, visual arts, dance (bollywood & hip-hop), and singing. Exercising (running and pilates), literature, soccer, and languages also make my heart happy! Most importantly, I love watching ghost hunting videos and then suffering in silence afterwards, and feel very strongly about my Hindi soaps. :’)


As for my campaign, I want to emphasize that my fellow first years’ success is at the forefront of my vision, which encompasses academics, emotional, physical, and social well-being. Particularly, I know (all too well) how difficult the transition from high school to university is (*types this as Chem modules & NOCATs are mocking her, while her brother is yelling at her. SIGH*). Thus, I want to be as real as possible with you and ensure that your efforts don’t go unnoticed. We will grow TOGETHER, which I will ensure through continuously integrating your feedback to improve our program, organizing in-person events, compiling academic resources, and increasing our accessibility to mental health resources. I aim to strengthen our Wolfpack individually and as a community: YOU are an integral part of this beautiful family, no matter whether you’re living on res, at home, or off-campus. Let’s unleash our inner alphas together! <3





My name is Areeba Arshad and I hope to win your vote to be your First Year Representative in the BHSS. You may know me from the various BHsc first year meetups I organized during Welcome Week. 

During my Welcome Week, I was inspired by the BHsc community coming together despite the challenges with this upcoming school year to create a welcoming environment. I strive to continue to strengthen our bond to make campus an enjoyable space for everyone. 


As a First-Year Representative, I will: 

  • Create a Wolf Pack retreat where activities will be held to strengthen the bonds of our community and create a vibrant atmosphere for students to participate in. The Wolf Pack retreat will take form in many ways from late-night camp sessions to baking with the pack. 

  • Convey the interests of the class of 2025 and have their opinions heard with transparency to ensure campus is inclusive for everyone 

  • Support the need for mental health resources and accommodations for BHSc students. Let’s bring back BHsc Yoga!

  • And most importantly, be an ally to the BHsc students!


Last year, I served as president of my Student Council and through my experience, I noticed how a positive school environment enhances the well-being of students. I aim to bring this same passion in order to amplify student voices to enact change. 


For more information check @vote4reebs on Instagram!





Hey! My name is Basant Dhillon. I am excited to share my campaign platform for first year representative. Being a freshman at university can be daunting – we all come from different backgrounds, different schools, maybe even different countries, but we’re going to get very familiar with each other as much of our education in Health Sci will be collaborative; in my opinion, those differing perspectives and lived experiences are the backbone to building an enriched environment of learning. And so, this leads into my campaign message, fostering inclusivity – a concept made more difficult in the moment of COVID and online learning. I am a female of color, a practicing Sikh, and a daughter of an immigrant. Boy am I proud of these descriptors, but they have also exposed me to marginalization and racialization. This propelled me to advocate for honest communication, respectful engagement, and a sense of belonging, not only for myself but everyone in my community. This platform is an avenue to further the mission of inclusivity, ensuring voices are heard, ideas are shared, and differences are welcomed. I have always woven paths to learn from those with varied perspectives; I am a long-time volunteer on the Six Nations reserve where I have formed meaningful connections with residential school survivors, have worked to ensure food security for the homeless, and continue to meet with individuals with substance abuse disorder to champion support services. I humbly submit this campaign summary with gratitude, school pride, and my inherent twinkle of optimism!



Hi! My name is Hayley Kupinsky and I am so excited to be running to be your First Year Rep! In case we haven’t met yet, here are a few fun facts about me: I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, I love talking politics, and I am writing this blurb early to procrastinate studying cell bio :)


So, why am I running?

While I’ve only been on campus for a few weeks, I already feel the warmth of the BHSc community and would love to give back to our class to make this a fantastic year! Together, we can make our first year of university memorable and build a tight-knit community to help one another succeed.


My campaign is being run on three pillars, each filled with new ideas and values I hope to bring to the First Year Council if elected:


  1. Support

The transition from high school to university can be challenging, and my first year council will support all students through…

💙 Preparing subject-specific study guides and resources

💙 Holding review sessions before midterms and exams


   2. Social

💙 Creation of a class of 2025 website and social media pages

💙 Promote transparency between the class of 2025 and the FYC

💙 Ensure students are aware about upcoming school events, clubs, and volunteering opportunities


   3. Spirit

💙 Implement events to show our health sci spirit and bring our community together

💙 Class of 2025 merch design contest!

Thank you for reading!


Academic Coord: MEERAB MAJEED

Hey Wolfpack, my name is Meerab Majeed and I am running to be your Academic Coordinator for this coming 2021/22 school year. With my personal experience in navigating academic resources from BHSS, McMaster, and beyond, along with the knowledge I have gained as a subcommittee lead for the 2020/21 Academic Committee, I am determined to translate this knowledge into action by implementing the following:


  1. Ensuring that resources and services being catered by the Academic Committee are of the highest quality, match the needs of the students, and are accessible. I hope to do this by running mandatory workshops for subcommittee leads and their teams to ensure they are ready to provide services of the highest standards. Additionally, there will be constant maintenance of the academic resource database to ensure legitimacy and usefulness of resources.

  2. Promoting awareness of Academic Committee services and resources through effective communication. This will be done by prioritizing Instagram as much as Facebook regarding marketing, increasing frequency of promotions and considering their timeliness, promoting inter-cohort collaboration in terms of academic events and resources etc.

  3. Prioritizing knowledge of research resources by initiating a research mentorship program, holding research networking events, adding lists of supervisors, research scholarship information, guidelines on securing a supervisor, senior project courses, and work/study program information on the academic database.

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Financial Coord: TAAHA HASSAN

What's good Wolfpack! The past year was weird, but not worries because I am here to embezz, - I mean - help fund all the great ideas that the BHSS council has set in store for you. If you love the idea of an organized and balanced budget, vote Taaha for Financial Coordinator!