Cheng'En Xi

Hey, first years! Looking for someone to represent you in the BHSS? Well, look no further, I, Cheng’En Xi (people just know me as Cheng), am the right man for the job! Being involved in student government previously, I am confident that I have the experience to make your school year right for YOU. If elected, you can all email me with your concerns and suggestions on how to make the year even better. I will make sure your voices are heard at the meetings and inform you guys about all the interesting new events and opportunities that you can benefit from. So, this Fall Election, vote for Cheng for First Year Rep. Voting will happen from Sep 23 – 27. Remember, Cheng for 1st Year Representative and things will be positive!

Alan Cheng

First Year Representative

Sammah Yahya

Hey Health Sci! It’s Sammi here, and I am running to be YOUR First Year Representative on the BHSS Council. I believe that I can help be the guide that will make this an amazing and memorable year Whether that includes having hype events like club nights, or more chill get togethers like movie nights, being accommodating and making events that our cohort wants is my first priority. To make sure this happens, I want to open up the discussion beyond the First Year Council and to the whole cohort by making polls for our year to vote for the events they want. Additionally, making sure these events as inclusive and accessible as they can be for both on-campus and off-campus students. I have so many ideas to make this year great, go to my facebook page to see more about them ya'll. A vote for me is a vote for an amazing year!! Vote Sammi Guys!!!


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