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Armaan Kotadia



My name is Armaan Kotadia (he/him), and I am absolutely thrilled to be running for BHSS Chair. I'm currently in my 3rd year of BHSc Core and have also had the pleasure of serving as one of the BHSS Social Coordinators alongside Athena.  This year I have had the amazing opportunity to work closely with the current BHSS Chair and Executive Team to organize ✨ hype in-person events including this year's  BHSc Enchanted Formal 👗 🌸 and BHScary Club Night 🎃 🕺!


For the past three years, I’ve been closely involved with the BHSS as a general member, exec member and Social Coordinator! 🔜 I can’t wait for another fun packed week of campaigning! 🤩🥳


Be sure to keep up to date with my campaign on Instagram @Armaan4Chair  ➡️  my inbox is always open 📥 Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!


So remember… Don’t be a SQUARE 🟦 ,  Vote Armaan for CHAIR‼️ 



SLADE_ALISON Headshot.jpeg

Alison Slade

Hello! My name is Alison, I’m currently in 3rd year and I’m so excited to be running for your BHSS Financial Coordinator for the 2023-24 year! Ensuring we as BHSc students can get the most out of our short time together is something I feel so passionate about, and I am dedicated to doing everything I can on the financial side of things to be able to do exactly that. Here’s what I hope to make happen this year: 


  1. Ensure BHSS’s spending and financial position is more transparently communicated with you! I hope to deepen the connection between the BHSc student body and BHSS and I believe transparency and accessible information is the first step. 

  2. Implement a more comprehensive feedback system between myself and all current BHSS executives to guarantee not only a smooth transition between teams but a solid understanding of what worked well this year and what still needs improving. 

  3. Ensure that BHSc interests are reflected in BHSS spending! BAGs, financial aid, BHSS events…you name it! Based on what we’ve seen in past years AND what suggestions or concerns you bring to the table, I’ll make sure that BHSS spending goes towards what would make this year the best year possible. 


If you have any questions about my campaign, please reach out - I’m always open to chatting about new possibilities! Check out @alisonforfinancial on Instagram for more!


UMAIR_AYESHA Headshot.png

Ayesha Umair

Hello Wolfpack! 🐺💙


I’m Ayesha Umair, and I am excited to be running for the position of BHSS Communications Coordinator for the 2023-2024 academic year. This position’s main responsibility is to ensure that important news and information about the BHSS and our program is conveyed to students through a variety of platforms, but often goes beyond that with promotions, creative design, and extensive outreach. I have been a part of the communications team for my entire time at BHSc, and it is always wonderful to see how its creativity and initiative boosts student spirit within our program. As communications coordinator over the past year, I have seen how students have bounced back to in-person learning, and hope that our team has captured that growth and excitement well. For next year, I want to continue to serve our program through the following main pillars:


  • Advancing accessibility

  • Sharing opportunities

  • Celebrating community


I believe that these pillars capture the gist of this position’s responsibilities; I will use them to guide my approach towards areas of strength and improvement within BHSS communications. I am thrilled to be able to continue to provide key information and promotions to our student body alongside the communications team. If you have any questions or comments about my campaign, please contact me through any platform that you are comfortable with at!  



Sophie Wagner

Hey BHSc! My name is Sophie (She/her) and I am very excited to be running to be your BHSS Internal Coordinator! 

As Internal Coordinator, I will be an advocate for your ideas, initiatives, and concerns and ensure your voices are heard by the BHSS executive.
I am committed to making every BHSc student feel supported and connected and increase a sense of community among all BHSc students. Based on this, I have built my platform on three main pillars:


Wellness and Support

  • Expand the current wellness corner in the BHSc lounge

  • Care packages during midterm/exam season

  • A virtual space for students to ask any BHSc-related questions and exchange their best tips for exams, BHSc, research, etc!



  • Organize fun events and initiatives that allow students from all years to connect and make friends! Get ready for game nights, paint nights, movie nights, skating, hikes, yoga and more!

  • Keep BHSc students informed on BAGs (BHSC-affiliated groups) and other ways to get involved and connected within the BHSc and BHSS community



Buddy System

  • Releasing buddy matches early on in the summer to allow buddies to connect and offer incoming students support before September 

  • Having 2-3 buddy events throughout the year and other initiatives to help you and your buddy connect!


Interest matches 

  • Are you looking for a study buddy, a hiking buddy, or maybe a gym buddy? Similar to the buddy matches, I want to implement a system that allows BHSc students to find others with similar interests.


CHEN_KENNETH Headshot.jpg

Kenneth Chen

Hey, health sci! My name is Kenneth Chen (he/him), your External Coordinator, and I’m running for re-election this year!


I’d like to start by expressing my deepest gratitude to the community for entrusting me with the privilege to represent you on the Bachelor of Health Sciences Society (BHSS). With the help of your engagement from the student body and a dedicated team on the External Committee, you’ve truly made my work easier in striving to make a difference for our community. 


Over the past year, I’ve leveraged my role to establish connections with student groups from across various faculties on campus as well as external organizations, helping to bring you opportunities to build meaningful relationships and experiences. These include an interfaculty midterm exam review session, a joint collaboration on an event for interdisciplinary learning and networking, and the promotion of volunteer opportunities for community involvement, to name a few. 


So, my message remains consistent. It's the commitments I've made to you since day one and the promises that I continue to deliver. In the spirit of BHSc, I’d like to re-introduce you to the “3 P’s” of my platform: 


  1. Promoting inter-faculty engagement 

  2. Participating in the community

  3. Providing housing support


If you believe in this collective vision for our community, I ask that you stay tuned through my communications channels as I take you along on my campaign.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have or just to talk!





WALIA_JAZZ_ Headshot.jpeg

Jazz Walia

Hi Wolfpack! My name is Jazz (she/her), and I'm thrilled to be running to be your 2023/24 BHSS Social Coordinator :D I believe that as Social Coordinator, I can make a meaningful contribution towards improving BHSc's social scene! My experience working on the BHSS social committee for the past two years has been a great learning experience, and it has sparked a deep passion within me for creating a positive and engaging social space for all BHSc students. In addition, my role as an events lead for the third year council and as an ongoing member of the BHSS internal and communications committees has allowed me to better understand student interests and improve community engagement! 


If elected, I plan to prioritize a few key areas, including revitalizing our annual formal, planning exciting inter-faculty events, promoting cross-cohort engagement, and increasing the number of small-to-large scale events. I plan to actively work towards lowering the cost of formal tickets, increasing subsidies for any BHSS events, increasing both on-campus and Hamilton engagement, as well as having more frequent program events. I believe that together, we can create unforgettable social experiences that truly enhance our time within the program!


Check out my Instagram, @jazz4social to learn more - feel free to reach out with any questions or just to chat about my vision for BHSS social next year! :) 


- Jazz <3

Screenshot 2023-03-16 180132.png

Ethan Karivelil

Hi everyone, my name is Ethan Karivelil and I’m running to be one of your Social Coordinators for the 2023-2024 school year! I believe my PEP (past experience, enthusiasm, and plans for the upcoming year) makes me a solid candidate for this position. 

To begin, I was on the logistics committee for BHSS Social in my 2nd year, and this position gave me insight to the administrative challenges of planning large events. Furthermore, I’ve been lucky to serve as the BHSS Social Fundraising Executive for this current school year which has helped me better understand the finances and given me the chance to work broadly with many talented team members.

Secondly, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time helping organize, but also actually attending BHSS Social events. I admire how these events often promote a heightened sense of community within and between cohorts. I’m willing to work incredibly hard to fulfill the high demands of this role and ensure the next school year is super fun!

Lastly, I would want to continue the acclaimed BHSc traditions (Formal, club nights, etc.). I would also like to advocate for inclusivity by polling student feedback/ideas to perhaps hold new types of social initiatives that would give the next school year some flare!

I appreciate all those that take the time to consider my candidacy. Please feel free to reach out on Facebook @Ethan Karivelil or Instagram @ethan4social should you have any questions about me or my campaign. #bleedblue


Thank you, 

Ethan Karivelil


Del Rosso_Daniel-Headshot.jpg

Daniel Del Rosso

Hello! My name is Danny Del Rosso, and I am running to be your academic coordinator for the 2023-24 school year. You may know me as your cell bio TA, anatomy TA, or as winner of the “most likely to be best friends with Eric” award.


I have had the opportunity to perform many similar roles over the course of my undergrad, some big and some small. No matter the extent of my duties, I have always tried to go above and beyond, to provide fresh opinions and ideas. Some of these were successful, like the Anatomy Trivia with the second-year council and OCAT Some of these were... less so, like my attempts to start a TikTok account for the Anatomy TAs that was vetoed by the faculty. But no matter if I was a volunteer on a subcommittee of a subcommittee or a
salaried employee, I always brought them.

I have been involved in research, teaching, and many BHSS initiatives, but I think what makes me most suitable is not my experience – it is my creativity and drive. I want to help create an even more supportive BHSc through continuing initiatives such as interview prep groups, peer tutoring, and research mentorships. I want to expand on the support for BHSc students writing large standardized tests, such as the MCAT, DAT, and LSAT, as writing the MCAT was a big struggle.

I hope I get the chance to make my vision a reality!


VISANJI_MIKA'IL Headshot.jpg

Mika'il Visanji

Hi everyone! My name is Mika’il and I’m a second-year BHSc student in the core program, running for academic coordinator. I intend to continue the great work of the academic committee by offering review sessions, panels with alumni, and information about research opportunities.

Additionally, I think it would be helpful to share some information about “learning how to learn.” Speaking with alumni, one constant thing they mention is that learning how to learn is a huge part of the program. But, finding this information isn’t always easy, and I hope to expose more BHSc students to this knowledge. Doing so can take the form of a workshop or social media post, depending on what folks are up for.

Students I’ve talked to have greatly enjoyed their time here, but there are definitely things that have come up as constant themes within BHSc courses as areas in need of improvement. I would love the opportunity to advocate and work with professors to optimize our educational experience.

Finally, I hope to build on the existing work done in terms of exposing students to research opportunities. A huge part of finding a position where you can learn and achieve the most is learning about your interests. I hope to continue the great work of providing information about research being done at McMaster. Sharing information directly from professors, graduate students, or even BHSc students engaged in research can hopefully allow students to discover new interests.



Anna Karpinska

Hey BHSc Class of 2026! My name is Anna and I beyond thirlled to be running to be your second year representative! As first year comes to an end I feel like I’ve come to learn alot about Health Science, McMaster and of course you guys, fellow peers. Using my knowledge I believe I can combine it with my natural-born leadership skills to represent you guys next year. Being a theatre kid for a good portion of my life, creativity is my strong suit and thats why I believe I will be able to organize a variety of different ways for you guys to have fun and learn a thing or two related to your course work in second year. At the end of the day, through thick and thin, I am running to represent YOU to make sure second year can go as smoothly and enjoyably as possible, and so that your voice is heard! From Anatomy Triva, to BHSc Jeopardy Nights, to planning drop in study sessions, the ideas in this brian will keep flowing to figure out any way to spice up your second year.

Chaudhary_Frass Headshot.png

Frass Chaudhary

Dear Friends and Fellow BHSc 2026 students!

I am excited to announce my candidacy to extend my services to y’all in the form of your 2nd Year Representative! As an active listener, honest and humble person, I hold these traits to a very high standard, and these are the 3 qualities which form the foundation of my campaign platform - which I call “Your Plan, My Action”.

To me, the role of a representative is all about listening to YOU, ensuring that my work is merely to fulfill YOUR requests, and throughout any process, maintain a complete level of transparency. As such, my promise to all of you is simple: I will make sure that YOUR voice is heard, and that it’s the driving force for any action taken!

To achieve this - while continuing all of the fun activities we enjoyed this year - I will aim to introduce consistent open-house & cohort-wide dialogue sessions, where we can all share our ideas and come to decisions together!

So, when the voting period starts - in between the NOCAT and all the other midterms - remember to put in your vote! And hey, if the theme of my campaign resonates with you, then I would strongly encourage a vote for Frass! Together, let’s work towards a fulfilling and memorable 2nd year – jam-packed with fun activities, academically prosperous, full of social bonding events and crazed with the health-sci spirit!



Richard Zhang

Hey first years! I’m Richard Zhang (he/him) and I’m so excited to be running to be your Second Year Rep!

First, I want to thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to support you this past year as your First Year Rep 🙏. I’ve had the pleasure of organizing collaborative OCATs, wellness packages, fun socials, and even creating a limited edition line of Roots merch (the first ever clothing collab in all of BHSc!). Although our first year is almost over, my passion to serve you is far from it 🫡!

Having sat through more Shakespeare recitals in Chari’s lectures than in any of my highschool English classes, I’m a bit tired of flowery language and I’m sure you are too. That’s why I want to get straight to the point with my 🆒 campaign:


  1. Continue organizing academic, extra-curricular, and social initiatives 🥳

  2. Offer more free items (e.g., food, muji pens, phone/laptop stickers, tote bags)🤑

  3. Operate

Larger by expanding our cohort council (i.e. the Second Year Council) to make sure anyone who wants to be heard will have a position to do so 🗣️

This was just an overview of the 🆒 campaign, but if you’re interested, more details will be on my Instagram: @richard4syr. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Ultimately, my number one priority is to make sure that your voices are heard.
Vote Richard to be considered!



Lena Wang


I'm Lena (she/her) and I'm running to be your third year rep! 👉( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👉

Having been on the class of 2025's student council since first year (threepeat champ!👌), I'm passionate about improving your BHSc experience and addressing the issues that matter most to you. During my time on council, I've spearheaded wellness and spirit initiatives as well as behind-the-scenes tasks such as merch and logistics! I'm outspoken and passionate about what I do, with the energy and confidence to get the job done right.

I'm also a seasoned and active member of the MSU/McMaster community and am excited to bring fresh and spicy new events for 25's to enjoy. With my know-how in all aspects of wellness, my high-octane spirit, and reasonably sized brain, I'll bring things to the table that everyone can enjoy!

Key elements of my action plan include restructuring the council to serve you better, setting up professional school preparation workshops, emphasizing community mental health and wellness supports, and CONTINUING THE FLOW OF MEMES!!! As we approach our third year and life seems to be right around the corner, I guarantee that I'm the gal who can provide you with a sense of consistency, empowerment, and genuine fun.

Got a burning question to ask about my campaign (or want me to send you a meme)? Message me on Instagram @Lena4TYR or send a message to! 😎

Screenshot 2023-03-16 181333.png

Susie Lee

I am Susie Lee (she/her), currently in my second year of Health Sciences at McMaster University. I am passionate about human rights and would love to have a career in the medical field, working to better the healthcare environment in underrepresented areas/communities. And lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about “regret.”
“I should've talked to that person.” “I should’ve applied to that research program.” “I should’ve gone to that restaurant to get dinner.” I figured that my regrets had a trend: I regretted the things I could have done but did not do. My biggest regret these days is that I was not involved in the Health Sciences’ community for the past two years. I gained invaluable support and experiences from the Health Sciences’ community during my time here and I knew I would regret it if I continued not being involved in it. Therefore, I am running for Third Year Rep of the 2023-2024 academic year to have the opportunity to give back to the community and make this community a safe, special, and irreplaceable space as it is to me.
I want to look back to my time in the BHSc program one day and proudly say that I made the best out of it and helped others make the best out of it with the least amount of regrets possible. And running for Third Year Rep is my first step in doing so.

Instagram Account: @susie4tyr



HAMEED_HASHIM - Headshot.jpeg

Hashim Hameed

Hello future 4th years!

As we wrap up our penultimate year, we begin to ask ourselves where the time has gone. We also start to look forward, perhaps with some anxiety. I am sure many of us don’t know where we will be next year; or even the year after.

As we navigate the uncertainty of the future, it is important we turn to each other, as we have done so often during our first three years together. To do this effectively, we need a strong voice for our cohort, and that is why I am running for BHSS Fourth Year Rep.

From the academic council resources in first year, to the annual winter wonderland event, the BHSS has excelled in its deliverables. Having said that, I think there is a crucial element that we must add to our fourth year agenda, which involves a focus on our future. That is why I am advocating for more professional school prep events, such as info nights with graduate professors, hands-on workshops, and an interview prep night with McMaster alumni.

BHSc has taught me that only one thing in our academic journeys is guaranteed; and that is that they are full of uncertainty. To help cope with this, I made my campaign message simple: nobody will be left behind.

With that said, what are you waiting for? Vote Hashim for Fourth Year Rep to secure a golden future!


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