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The administrative team of the BHSS includes:

  • The Chair (and any standing committees);

  • The Communications Coordinator (and any standing committees);

  • The Financial Coordinator and the Finance committee

This page contains official BHSS documents available to BHSS members. This includes official operating policies; up-to-date agendas, meeting minutes, and BHSS reports; and forms for BHSS members.

Governing Documents

Governing Documents

These documents describe the structure and operating policies of the BHSS.

The BHSS Constitution outlines the general operations and individual roles/duties of the BHSS executives.

Last updated: March 13, 2019

The BHSS Bylaws document accounts for matters unaddressed by the Constitution, such as with changes to the elections process, and the duties of the executives.

Last updated: March 6, 2019

Executive Meetings

Agendas, Minutes, and Reports

Updates of BHSS Executive Meetings and Operations

The Agenda provides a general outline of the weekly topics to be discussed at each BHSS meeting.

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The Meeting Minutes provide a comprehensive overview of each past BHSS meeting. 

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Administrative Forms for BHSS members and affiliated groups

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For financial forms and information, please see our Finances page.



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