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The BHSS runs a series of academic and extracurricular services accessible by all BHSc students.

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Course Reviews Database

This database supplies with students with a series of course reviews by BHSc students on a variety of university courses, to help students navigate course selection.

Course Reviews


BHSSupports is the BHSS's official knowledge base: a repository of peer-made resources for BHSS members. The database is password-protected for BHSS members and is organized by level and by course.


BHSc Buddy System

The Buddy System is a vertical mentorship system organized by the BHSS. We connect incoming first year students and second year students with a "buddy" - an upper-year student in the program. The Internal Committee also organizes events throughout the year to celebrate buddies and foster active mentorship.

BHSc Learning Education Success Sessions (B.L.E.S.S)

BHSc Buddy System

BHSS Academics

B.L.E.S.S runs exam review sessions for courses in the core BHSc curriculum. Upper year mentors who have completed the course host these sessions, which review core concepts and include peer-made practice questions. Students can indicate areas of interests and concerns before B.L.E.S.S sessions. All materials are released to BHSS members after individual sessions.

Peer Tutors

Peer Tutoring

BHSS Peer Mentors provide one-on-one tutoring sessions in person or online to younger BHSS members. Tutors provide support for a variety of courses, such as Anatomy & Physiology, Statistics, Chemistry, and Calculus.

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Writer's Clinic

Writer’s Clinic & Writing Review Groups

The Writer’s Clinic is the editing and exchange program run by the BHSS. Any BHSS member can submit a draft of an essay or assignment to the Clinic to be edited anonymously by peer editors. The Writer’s Clinic returns feedback and comments within 48 to 72 hours, depending on the volume of submissions.

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SSC Resources
Presentation Symposium

Presentation Symposium

BHSS members enrolled in Inquiry II: Biochemistry (HTHSCI 2E03) and Cell Biology (HTHSCI 2K03) may submit their presentation and present in front of an upper year panel for feedback in a symposium simulation, in preparation for their final presentations at the end of each semester.

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