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Metabolism and Physiological Chemistry

Thu May 24 2018 20:01:33 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

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Online Course
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If you are not good at self learning OR keeping yourself organized DO NOT TAKE BIOCHEM 2EE3. This course is entirely online and there is little to no structure and it is very unclear what is expected of you. The evaluations are also really easy OR ridiculously hard, there is no in between. All of the "learning" is supposedly done entirely from mediocre modules but there are also textbook readings that you are supposed to do that supposedly contain more information but half of the time it is just useless info or unnecessarily hard. There are also apparently tutorials that you can go to if you want (lol). You are evaluated based on two ONLINE midterms which are awesome (wink wink), weekly online activities, these online "labs" with graphics that are so bad its funny, and an exam. The exam for this course was hard and oddly specific on certain things, but definitely manageable if you study for it. Basically, throughout the semester you want to try to get as close to perfect as possible on all of the evaulations/assignments so that you have a really good mark going into the exam. Overall, I didn't HATE the course but it was definitely flawed and I would really only recommend taking the course if: 1) you have to or 2) you really love modules or 3) you hate interacting with people.

I will be honest, it was very difficult to be proactive about an online course. When course work became rigorous, it was very easy to push this to the back burner and it begins to build up. I would highly recommend making a schedule with a buddy and to continually check in with each other to make sure its done. The content and the course structure is a bit disorganized and it does become difficult at times to self teach the concepts; the good thing is that this is a very standard course so, there are PLENTY of online resources and videos if you take the time to look for it :) I am personally seeing the benefits now, in terms of familiarizing yourself with the content for the MCAT. If you are planning to take the MCAT during the summer of second year, I would highly recommend considering this course to get a head start on the material!

It was an online course, so pretty much completely self-directed. It was almost all memorization, so finishing first term anatomy helped with being less overwhelmed by it. The biggest thing that helped me was having a partner to study with where we would whiteboard quiz eachother and go over everything. It definitely saved me, if I could go back I would do more of those review sessions with classmates every two weeks or so. The two midterms that are online are very do-able if you study for them which most people don't because they assume they don't need to. I didn't study for them at all and paid for it dearly 😂. The labsters and weekly quizzes are annoying but they're an efficient way to get free marks if you collaborate. Overall, pay attention to the quizzes and labsters, keep up with the online modules by reviewing with a friend periodically, and if the midterms don't go well but you study hard for the final your efforts will pay off.

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