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The Bachelor of Health Sciences Society, or BHSS, is an organization representing the students of the (Honours) Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. We promote unity, collaboration, and participation within the BHSc Program, enhancing the university experience by offering educational and extracurricular opportunities to students.

Meet the Executives




Lauren Heessels | Core, Level IV

As Chair, I administrate all BHSS activities and work with the BHSS executive team to ensure that students needs are met. I chair our our open Executive meetings, enact initiatives according to BHSS Constitution, and liase with stakeholders (Faculty of Health Sciences University Administration, Presidents’ Council, SRA, Senate, etc). I am always open to suggestions on ways to improve student experience through events, initiatives and resources so please always feel free to reach out to me! You can reach me through Facebook or email me at



SRA Health Sciences Representative

Nicholas Lum | CHS, Level IV

My role involves working with the rest of the Health Sciences caucus and other SRA members to advocate on behalf of undergraduate students. Our ongoing goal is to improve the services and academic quality offered at McMaster and the MSU by lobbying the University.


SRA Health Sciences Representative

Taaha Hassan | Core, Level IV



Elections Coordinator

Alex Huynh | Core, Level III

We election coordinators are responsible for overseeing and adjudicating the BHSS elections throughout the year to maintain fairness and integrity.


Elections Coordinator

Julianna Botros | CHS, Level IV

Hello Hello! I’m Julianna and I’m so excited to be a part of the BHSS as one of your Elections Coordinators for the 2022-2023 year:) Over the course of this year, the BHSS is excited to promote community amongst the BHSc faculty while striving to support students in their personal and academic journeys. Like Russell, my role as an Elections Coordinator will entail working on overseeing the BHSS elections, referenda, and adjudicating elections disputes when needed. Please feel free to reach out at any point throughout the summer or school year if you have any questions about the elections process/committee, the BHSc faculty, BHSS as a whole, or if you just want to chat! Get ready for an amazing year:)


Welcome Week Coordinator

Hayley Ma | CHS, Level IV

As one of the WWCs, my role supports the Heartbeat executives and Heartbeat reps in welcoming the incoming BHSc cohort! We facilitate the planning of various events and initiatives throughout the summer leading up and during Welcome Week. Incoming students, please do not hesitate to reach out if you ever need anything or even just to chat, my inbox is always open! 💙


Welcome Week Coordinator

Grace Xiong | CHS, Level III

We welcome week coordinators facilitate the transition of incoming BHSc students through planning events and initiatives alongside our Heartbeat execs and reps!


Social Coordinator

Athena Mancini | Core, Level IV

We social coordinators plan social events for the entire BHSc program to facilitate bonding and unity within our cohort.


Social Coordinator

Armaan Kotadia | Core, Level III

Hello BHSc! My name is Armaan and I’m one of your BHSS Social Coordinators for the 2022/23 year! I've been involved with BHSS Social since coming to McMaster - as an general member in 1st year and an executive in my 2nd year. I'm beyond excited to revive past BHSc traditions, and plan many more hype events that foster community within the Wolfpack!


Financial Coordinator

Tasneem Alnahhas


old ayesha photo.jpg

Communications Coordinator

Ayesha Umair | Core, Level III

Hello! I’m Ayesha, your Communications Coordinator for the 2022-2023 academic year! It’s my responsibility to keep the student body informed about upcoming events and initiatives by the BHSS, promoting BHSc spirit to foster a sense of community, planning projects such as our social media posts and yearbook, and leading the Communications Team. If you have any ideas or questions about our promotional initiatives, feel free to send me an email anytime!


Internal Coordinator

Olsen Chan | Core, Level IV

Howdy! My name is Olsen and I'm your Internal Coordinator for the 2022-2023 academic year! My role is to manage the BHSc buddy system, act as a liaison between BHSS and BAGs, and promote student wellness through events (e.g., therapy dog events) and initiatives (e.g., care packages)


External Coordinator

Kenneth Chen | Core, Level III

Hey Health Sci! I’m Kenneth, your External Coordinator for the 2022/23 academic year! I help to foster interfaculty relations through organizing academic and social events for students to network with peers from other faculties!



Meerab Majeed | Core, Level IV

Hi! My name is Meerab and I am the BHSS Academic Coordinator for the 2022/2023 school year. My role involves overlooking the provision of academic supports in the form of resources and services to help all BHSc students! Specifically, I overlook and facilitate multiple academic subcommittees including peer tutoring, research resources, writers clinic, and more. Three of my main goals this year are to prioritize accessible course-related resources, develop research-related tip-sheets and informational events, and enhance the social media presence of BHSS academics through frequent promotion. Reach out anytime for questions, concerns, and feedback!!


First Year Representative

Richard Zhang | Level I

My job is to make sure that the voices of first years are represented in the BHSS. I am responsible for chairing the First Year Council to organize engaging events and initiatives to support the first year cohort’s academic, wellness, and social interests!


Second Year Representative

Regis Gu | Core, Level II

We plan events to improve spirit and community among the BHSc 2025 cohort!


Third Year Representative

Charles Cai | Core, Level III

Hey! I'm Charles and I'm the third year representative for BHSS. I like friends, doing well in school, and having fun! You're probably thinking, wow that was the most generic, fill-in-the-blank response ever. Yes, and I'm sure you like doing those too. That is EXACTLY why I'm here. I am here to make sure that YOU have the best university experience that I can possibly provide! My goals and what I'm doing as TYR is directly catered to us third years. For example, we've had social/wellness events (Winter Wonderland, BBT Workshop, etc.), academic initiatives (elective pairing), and community stuff (cohort photo) with more to come! I want you to be able to hang out with old and new friends, I want us to all do well in school, and I would love to have so much fun that third year can be as memorable as possible. Level: 3 (hundred, fight me in pokemon) Stream: Core Hotel?: Trivago


Fourth Year Representative

Adam El-Kadi | CHS, Level IV

My role is to represent the interests of and organise events and activities for fourth-year students!

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