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The Bachelor of Health Sciences Society, or BHSS, is an organization representing the students of the (Honours) Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. We promote unity, collaboration, and participation within the BHSc Program, enhancing the university experience by offering educational and extracurricular opportunities to students.

Meet the Executives


Shubhreet Johal.jpg.heic


Shubhreet Johal (she/her) | Child Health, Level IV 

As Chair, I administrate all BHSS activities according to student needs (that’s you!). I collaborate with the Executive team and BHSS committees to coordinate activities for our student society, and am always looking for ways to improve our BHSc experience. More specifically, I chair our open Executive meetings, enact initiatives according to BHSS Constitution, and liase with stakeholders (Faculty of Health Sciences University Administration, Presidents’ Council, SRA, Senate, etc). I am always open to chat about anything; no question, topic, or concern is too big or too small, and I’m very excited for the upcoming year!



Taaha Hassan (he/him) | Core, Level III

Hi, I'm Taaha and I'm in my third year of BHSc! As financial coordinator, I'm responsible for overseeing a financial subcommittee to manage the BHSS budget, maintain fiscal stability, and deal with any money related matters in the BHSS. I will be maintaining ethical standards for spending within our student society, making sure money is spent properly, and ensuring financial security of the BHSS.

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Hayley Ma (she/her) | Child Health, Level III

Hello hello BHSc! As the Communications Coordinator, I am responsible for keeping all of YOU in the loop of any upcoming BHSS initiatives! This includes managing BHSS social media, running the website, and sharing meeting minutes. Additionally, I work with the Communications Team to plan various initiatives such as Humans of BHSc, BAGs spotlights, Wellness Corners with the aim of fostering community and enhancing student wellness through our social media posts. If you have any ideas or feedback or just want to chat, please feel free to reach out. My inbox is always open!



Rafay Mughal (he/him) | Child Health, Level III

Hey there! As the Internal Coordinator, I am responsible for ensuring that the interests of the BHSc community are represented. I will work alongside the Internal Committee and BHSS executive to ensure that decision-making is transparent, accessible, and in the best interest of the BHSc community. More specifically, this representation manifests itself as improving the BHSc Buddy System, providing support and funding to BHSc-Affiliated Groups (BAGs), improving the Internal Committee Funding Initiative (ICFI), and running wellness initiatives. Most importantly, my role entails constantly receiving and implementing feedback from the BHSc community, so feel free to reach out!



Alan Cheng (he/him) | Child Health, Level III

I am responsible for all outreach initiatives regarding BHSc and the greater McMaster/Hamilton communities. This includes organizing student housing initiatives, working with other faculty student societies to host inter-faculty events, and coordinate initiatives that help charitable organizations in Hamilton! Another big aspect of my role is listening to you guys! If you ever have any ideas for external initiatives or need some funding for intramural or off-campus events, please don't hesitate to reach out! I'd love to chat to see how BHSS External can help :)



Michal Moshkovich (she/her) | Core, Level III

Us Social Coordinators will work together to bring to you events all year-long that are inspired by you ALL! We are so excited to hear your voices, and to translate your ideas into events you will remember forever! Formal, club nights, coffee houses, contests, movie nights, you name it! Get ready to make tons of new friends!



Lauren Heessels (she/her) | Core, Level III

Hey BHSS! I’m Lauren and I am so excited to be one of your Social Coordinators for this coming school year. Our main job is to plan social events for the BHSc community that give you the opportunity to meet new people, socialize, have fun and feel the BHSc Spirit! I know that we all have so many questions about what this coming school year is going to look like and how you are going to meet people, but that’s what we are here for! Online or in-person, we have a wide variety of many fun events planned so that there will be something for everyone to enjoy!



Meerab Majeed (she/her) | Core, Level III

Hi! My name is Meerab and I am the BHSS Academic Coordinator for the 2021/2022 school year. My role involves overlooking the provision of academic supports in the form of resources and services to help all BHSc students! Specifically, I overlook and facilitate multiple academic subcommittees including peer tutoring, research resources, writers clinic, and more. Three of my main goals this year are to prioritize accessible course-related resources, develop research-related tip-sheets and informational events, and enhance the social media presence of BHSS academics through frequent promotion. Reach out anytime for questions, concerns, and feedback!!

Julianna, Botros.jpeg


Julianna Botros (she/her) | Child Health, Level III

Hello Hello! I’m Julianna and I’m so excited to be a part of the BHSS as one of your Elections Coordinators for the 2021-2022 year:) Over the course of this year, the BHSS is excited to promote community amongst the BHSc faculty while striving to support students in their personal and academic journeys. Like Russell, my role as an Elections Coordinator will entail working on overseeing the BHSS elections, referenda, and adjudicating elections disputes when needed. Please feel free to reach out at any point throughout the summer or school year if you have any questions about the elections process/committee, the BHSc faculty, BHSS as a whole, or if you just want to chat! Get ready for an amazing year:)



Russell Leong (he/him) | Core, Level III

Hey BHSS! I’m Russell and I am so excited to be part of this team as we work towards promoting unity, collaboration and participation within the BHSc Program. As one of your Elections Coordinators, I am responsible for overseeing the BHSS elections, referenda, and adjudicating elections disputes when needed. I will also be chairing the Elections Committee, which will play a vital role in the adjudication process. Feel free to reach out to me if you’re interested in joining the committee, or if you have any questions about BHSc in general. I look forward to a great year ahead with all of you.



Anjelica Shrestha (she/her) | Core, Level III

My role, along with my wonderful co Josephine Ding is to ensure that our incoming BHSc students have the warmest welcome from our wolfpack. Whether in person, socially-distanced or virtually, our team of Hearbeats collaborate together to provide support to all incoming first-year and second-year students to McMaster, and ease their transition into university, academic, and social life.



Josephine Ding (she/her) | Core, Level III

Hey wolfpack! My name is Josephine (or you can just call me Jo 😊). As one of your Welcome Week Coordinators this year, my role is to plan the absolute BEST, most MEMORABLE and FUN Welcome Week experience possible! At it’s very heart, I like to describe my role as helping to integrate and foster a sense of community among the incoming class. Needless to say, none of this would be possible without our fantastic team of upper-year representatives, lovingly referred to as the Heartbeats (shoutout to my phenomenal team 🤩)! Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback for me- I’d be more than happy to chat



Anika Chhabra  (she/her) | Core, Level I

Hello hello, lovely members of the Wolfpack! My name is Anika (she/her) and I’m the BHSS first year rep! I am responsible for ensuring that the transition for first years to university is as smooth as possible, chairing our First Year Council, and working together to organize events that foster the BHSc community spirit and success. First year has been such a wild and difficult ride for sure, and I’m so proud of each and every one of you for persevering. Together, we’ll make sure this year is one to remember!! If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to chat, please reach out! Looking forward to a wonderful year ahead <3



Grace Xiong (she/her) | Child Health, Level II

Hi healthsci! My name is Grace, and I am the current second year representative on the BHSS. Some of my responsibilities include chairing the second year council (SYC), connecting students to the BHSS and BHSc office and facilitating the transition of transfer students. However, my role is quite flexible outside these "requirements"! In order to provide the best academic and social supports, reps must adapt quickly— identifying and addressing the unique needs of each cohort. Throughout the year, the SYC host events, creates resources and more! In our experience, the only limit is our imagination...and maybe, our budget. :')



David Klitovchenko (he/him) | Core, Level III

I'm the Third Year Rep and what that basically means is that I'm in charge of hosting all sorts of cool events/initiatives for other third-year students to take part in BHSc. It's really not all that different from the responsibilities of the other Year Reps with only real difference being is that in third year, everyone takes fewer courses together so I need to maintain that sense of community within our cohort!

Check out our Instagram page: @BHSc23!



Shangi Vijenthira (she/her) | Core, Level IV

I represent health scis who are in fourth year and above to the BHSS. I also chair the fourth year council, where we plan events and initiatives to bring our year together.



Zoe Tsai  (she/her) | Core, Level III

Hi friends! My name is Zoe and I represent the Faculty of Health Sciences on the Senate (University Secretariat). The role of the Senate is to basically deal with the academic side of the University, so that includes matters of hiring professors, deans, nominating the chancellor, determining COVID-19 university policies, etc. I discuss and vote on these motions with the Chancellor, Deans, Presidents, and other staff or student representatives. We also sit on committees, like the Misconduct Hearings Committees, Academic Integrity, or the Senate Board for Student Appeals (which I’m on)!



Will Pereira  (he/him) | Core, Level III

The student representative assembly (SRA) is the governing body of the McMaster Student Union (MSU), and is composed of 35 undergraduate students elected from several different faculties. As a member of the SRA, you are responsible for ensuring MSU services are optimal, integrating student feedback, and lobbying to the university to improve McMaster's academic quality. If you'd like to create change at the university, we're here to help!



Olsen Chan (he/him) | Core, Level III

The Student Representative Assembly (SRA) is the highest governing body of the McMaster Student Union (MSU) and is composed of 35 undergraduate students. This group of elected representatives is tasked with overseeing MSU services, representing and addressing the concerns of undergraduate students, and lobbying the university to improve McMaster’s academic quality. As your Health Sci reps, Will and I are here to represent you and to help improve your experience at Mac :)

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