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The Bachelor of Health Sciences Society, or BHSS, is an organization representing the students of the (Honours) Bachelor of Health Sciences program at McMaster University. We promote unity, collaboration, and participation within the BHSc Program, enhancing the university experience by offering educational and extracurricular opportunities to students.

Meet the Executives




Armaan Kotadia

Hey Wolfpack! My name is Armaan Kotadia (he/him), and I have the immense privilege of being your elected BHSS Chair for the 2023-2024 school year! In my role, I help advocate for student needs by working as a liaison between students, the BHSS executive team, the BHSc Office, and the Faculty of Health Sciences. Alongside helping oversee all operations of the BHSS, I also collaborate with other society presidents to create and implement initiatives that enhance our academic and social environments. This year I have successfully launched a partnership with a local organization to save used lab coats from entering landfills by collecting and redistributing them at no cost to incoming BHSc students. As well as helping to launch the BHSS Community Catalyst Fund for student initiatives and the BHSS Community Engagement Recognition Scholarship. If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas please reach out to me by email (! I would love to find a time to chat!


Welcome Week Coordinators

Linda Duong & Emily Anderson

Hello, we’re Emily and Linda. As the 2023 WWCs, we coordinated the planning and execution of summer orientation programming for first years (class of 2027) and transfers (class of 2026), alongside our executive team and Heartbeat representatives! During the school year, we provide input to other BHSS coordinators in various capacities to continue supporting the academic, social, and personal well-being of first year/transfer students! 💙

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Social Coordinators

Ethan Karivelil & Jazz Walia

Hey BHSc! We’re Ethan Karivelil(he/him) and Jazz Walia(she/her) and we are the Social Coordinators for the 2023-2024 school year! Our role is really exciting because we get to plan large-scale events with the goal of promoting unity and community-building for the entirety of BHSc. BHScary Halloween Club Night and BHSc Formal are some of our traditional events that always get amazing engagement from our students. Due to the nature of our role, we get to be involved in a variety of different disciplines – i.e. we handle finances, logistics, internal relations, external relations, promotions, etc. – which makes this position super cool! Stay updated with all things BHSS Social on Instagram @bhsssocial, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions/comments/concerns


Internal Coordinator

Sophie Wagner

Hello! I’m Sophie, and I'm your Internal Coordinator for the 2023-2024 academic year! In my role, I manage the BHSc Buddy program, work with our BHSS-affiliated clubs and committees, and promote well-being and a sense of community and support among BHSc students. The internal team and I organize many events and initiatives throughout the year including Buddy Night, wellness events, the wellness cart, and exam care packages and we can't wait to see you there! If you ever have any questions, feedback, or ideas feel free to send me an email ( or send us a message on Instagram (@bhssinternal)!

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External Coordinator

Kenneth Chen

Hey Health Sci! I’m Kenneth, your External Coordinator for the 2023/24 academic year! I help to foster interfaculty relations through organizing academic and social events for students to network with peers from other faculties!

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Academic Coordinator

Daniel Del Rosso

Hey! I’m Danny, your 2023-2024 Academic Coordinator! It's my job to oversee the academic services and resources that the BHSS puts out, to ensure diverse support for our diverse student body! Check out @bhssacademics on instagram to see the latest initiatives from the BHSS Academic Committee!


Financial Coordinator

Alison Slade

Hello BHSc! My name is Alison and as your 2023-24 Financial Coordinator, my role involves managing the finances of the BHSS and ensuring that student money is being used transparently and in a way that reflects student interests. I set the annual budget, oversee funding requests, handle BHSS spending, and more. Reach out anytime if you have any questions or concerns!

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Communications Coordinator

Ayesha Umair

Hello! I’m Ayesha, your Communications Coordinator for the 2023-2024 academic year! It’s my responsibility to keep the student body informed about upcoming events and initiatives by the BHSS, promoting BHSc spirit to foster a sense of community, planning projects such as our social media posts and yearbook, and leading the Communications Team. If you have any ideas or questions about our promotional initiatives, feel free to send me an email anytime!


Elections Coordinators

Larissa Long & Enoch Yu

Hi! We’re Enoch and Larissa, and we work together to ensure that the BHSS elections and referenda are fairly run, and accessible to all BHSc students. This includes judging elections disputes and violations, as well as including everyone in the elections process, as it’s a fun and exciting time for all of BHSc!


First Year Representative

Kelei Xiao

Hey! I’m Kelei, and I’m your First Year Representative for the 2023-2024 academic year! I work alongside a dedicated and passionate First Year Council to support first-year health sciences students in their (exciting!) transition to university, so that everyone feels well-equipped, confident, and welcomed as they begin their undergraduate journey. Check us out on Instagram @bhsc.27!


Second Year Representative

Richard Zhang

My job is to make sure that the voices of second years are represented in the BHSS. I am responsible for chairing the First Year Council to organize engaging events and initiatives to support the first year cohort’s academic, wellness, and social interests!



Third Year Representative

Lena Wang

I'm Lena (she/her), and I'm thrilled to be your 2023-2024 Third Year Representative! I advocate for the needs and interests of level 3 students, whether it be through campaign and event planning or representing the cohort in BHSS affairs. I also lead a fantastic year council dedicated to creating a positive and inclusive community while striving to enhance the third year university experience.


Fourth Year Representative

Hashim Hameed

Hello! My name is Hashim, and I am the BHSS Fourth Year Rep. My role includes organizing social events and providing academic support to the Class of 2024! I have learned so much through this role, and I look forward to finishing the year strong :)

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