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Priya Bordoloi

Priya Bordoloi FYR Poster.png

Class of ‘27, how are we feeling as the newest members of the BHSS? I have been loving it so much that I, Priya Bordoloi, am running to be your first-year representative so that I can advocate for more ways to meet our cohort’s needs.
As I looked around our first praxis session just recently, I realized that there are so many of us that have yet to meet one another. For this reason, I am making student spirit a big part of my campaign. As first-year rep, it would be my mission to foster opportunities for us to interact with one another and build supportive networks. One way that I hope to approach this is by advocating for health science spirit days throughout the year. Even as we run around the campus to classes, we would be able to get through our days with boosted morale and an ability to recognize one another on campus.
I know that you hope for a successful first year in university as much as I do, and I would love for us to strive towards that together. Who knows….with our strengths combined, we might even one day be able to resurrect our dear friend Leroy.
So health scis…. are you ready for a first year that is tik tik tik tik tik tik tik tik BOOM dynamite?
For suggestions of what you would like to see in my campaign, feel free to reach me via instagram (@bordolop) or email (


William Chai

William Chai FYR Poster.jpg

HEY HEALTH SCI! - I am William Chai and I am overjoyed to run as the 1st Year Rep!

I'm here to ensure that your first-year voices are heard loud and clear by BHSS, so whatever the heck you want to see in terms of Events, Initiatives, Academics, are all there.

TL;DR - William Chai is your guy.


Graham Dinniwell

Graham Dinniwell FYR Poster.png

My name is Graham Dinniwell. I am excited about the opportunity to campaign to be your First Year Representative. Should I be elected, I have three distinct goals for our group. The first is to foster a social and inclusive environment within our class. To accomplish this, I would like to organize bi-weekly first-year socials. These could range from board game socials to movie nights and dodgeball games. Ultimately, these events aim to create a social and inclusive environment where we can form memories and build friendships.
Secondly, I want to make your voices heard within the BHSS. This organization represents the entirety of BHSc, and our collective engagement is critical for our individual and shared benefit. To achieve this, I would create a first-year representative email that could be reached anytime, with all questions answered within 24 hours. I would also make a weekly feedback form to allow me to receive and implement your voices within BHSS. The transition to university can be daunting, and adjusting takes time. To help out, I seek to create a centralized database of educational, social, and well-being resources. The BHSS and your First Year Council are pillars of our program; I want to create an inclusive environment where we can grow and succeed together. Thank you for taking the time to read my expression of interest; if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on Instagram or ask me in person


Atticus Phoenix

Atticus Phoenix FYR Poster.png

Hello, fellow Health-Sci First Years. The adjustment from high school to university is known to be the most challenging aspect of our first year (yes, even more difficult than OCATs and NOCATs). We’re thrown into the deep end, trying to make new friends, live alone, and manage our time, all while learning to sit through three-hour lectures. It may not be easy, but it is certainly better when we can look forward to experiencing it together. First years need a representative who can help make our first year the best experience it can be. That’s where I come in. Don’t worry, Air Bands pirouettes aren’t the only thing I bring to the table. As your 1st Year BHSS Representative, I promise to be attentive and work hard to make our community a strong, inclusive, and supportive one. As you may suspect, I’m extremely social and open-minded. I believe in the power of community to create necessary change. As a special council member at my former school, I acted as the liaison between my grade and the administration while also attending regular meetings to discuss and implement peer support, fundraisers, social events, and educational programs to address significant issues such as sexism and racism. Through this position, I learned the importance of collaboration and compromise. I’m not afraid to speak up to make my voice, our voices, heard, and I look forward to the opportunity to represent all of us as this exciting first year in our undergrad journey unfolds.

Parmis Riazirad

Parmis Riazirad FYR Poster.PNG

Hello BHSc students! My name is Parmis Riazirad and I’m from Aurora, Ontario. When I heard about the position of first year representative, I was very excited and had so many ideas on how to best adhere to this role. It is with great passion that I offer myself as a voice to represent the diverse community we have in Health Science. The BHSc program is filled with unique courses and tasks that are unmatched by other science related programs, therefore it is important to ensure constant communication between the BHSc office, MSU first year council, and first year students. As a first year rep, I will provide many opportunities and resources for students to come forward with their thoughts, ideas, and concerns, leaving room for constant feedback. This will be done through potential google forms and forums to answer and ask questions on. Additionally, educational and extracurricular activities are vital as university students, therefore I will ensure that I maintain a platform accessible to the BHSc students, where I post resources such as clubs, research opportunities, and leadership positions. However, being a representative means more than just advocacy and resources, it is also about creating an environment where every student feels heard, valued, and included. As a first year representative, I will bridge the gap between students, faculty, and the MSU council. Together we can build a close knit community and create a solid foundation during our first year to ensure our collective success as we journey through post-secondary

Kelei Xiao

Kelei Xiao FYR Poster.png

Hello hello!!! I’m Kelei, and I’m super excited to be running to be your First Year Representative for this year! Handful of facts about me: I love my 12 plant children, I can bake a bunch of recipes from memory, and I am a bit of a bug nerd :D (yes, that means I can help get rid of that spider you’re deathly afraid of)
My goal as a First Year Rep boils down to one sentence: “If nobody got me, I know Kelei got me.” Despite the incredible variety in First Years, there is one thing that clouds over all of us - the daunting reality that high school is over. We have to know what to do with our lives. We have to know how to act like adults. We have to know how to balance school with life, so that the path to our goals are steady, safe, and smooth… But that is far too much for anyone to handle alone.
As First Year Rep, I plan to organize events to support First Years in various ways. Don’t know how to time-manage? I gotchu (time-management and academic skills workshops). Don’t know how to get involved in research? I gotchu (List of research opportunities and how to cold-email). Digestively challenged because of Centro chicken? I gotchu (inspirations on how to eat well in university). Truly, if nobody got you, you know Kelei got you.
Vote for Kelei Xiao for BHSS First Year Rep :] - Kelei


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